3 Dead Trick Or Treaters/ Offerings.

I was very honored to be commissioned to make art for this screening of these two films. These two films are the latest OFFERINGS (get it? That’s the name of one of the movies) from horror director Torin Langen and are chocked full of psychedelic nightmare fuel. I really think this guy is someone to watch as an up and coming film maker in the horror community.

I’ll be on hand selling a limited number of prints that are signed by myself as well as the director. There will be a screening of both films accompanied with a live score by the VOC Silent Film Harmonic, and then a Q and A following the films.

The screening is this Friday November 2nd at The Registry Theater in Kitchener. For more event details see my events page or here. FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

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The coming of thanotron

Got three shows in the next month or two so that's fun. The Dragon comic shop anniversary show kicks off Sat September 15th and I'll be on hand selling and signing comics and prints. Following week is Canzine at the Art Gallery of Ontario which is always one of my favorite shows of the year. At Canzine I will have a new print dropping to, Thanotron the cosmic death machine. This Thanotron print has been a lot of work and time and im excited to see it come to life now. The print is a 5 color risograph, printed in black, yellow, lime green, florescent pink and fluorescent orange. If you put this print near a black light it will glow and react to the lighting as well, it's gorgeous. It's my hope to do some more prints and work like this in the near future. It's the kind of thing that i enjoy seeing in sci-fi/ fantasy art, which are two genre's that don't get nearly enough credit. 

Then following those shows, it's Genghis Con Cleveland. I'll be making my way stateside to Ohio for the show on November 25th, so if you're in the area come on out and say hi. It'll be a fun couple months and a bust couple months between work and life. 

Be sure to check out the event's section for more details. 





Toronto's own festival of indie games + comics + food + VR is back for its 9th edition this Friday July 13th and Saturday July 14th. 

Play video games and buy one-of-a-kind geeky treasures—pins, zines, patches, card games, art prints, comics, t-shirts and toys—direct from indie artists. 

For this edition, we're partnering with Our Networks to bring the Internet Yami-Ichi – a flea market for Internet-ish things – to Toronto for the first time! 

Plus there will be performance art and interactive installations, local food and $5 tall cans of Muskoka and a party each evening. On the 13th, kick off the State of Our Networks conference with us and on the 14th, celebrate Temper Tantrum's 1-year anniversary til the wee hours!

I'll be on hand for the saturday edition of the show selling comics and prints from 12pm- 6pm. Come on out and say hi and give me a high five. 



R.I.P. Big Van Vader

Wrestling superstar Leon White, AKA Vader has passed away this week due to heart failure at the age of 63. One of the best big man wrestlers of all time, Vader was a star in NJPW, All Japan, WCW, WWF and all around the world. He was the first non Japanese wrestler to hold the IWGP title in Japan, and at one point in time held simultaneous heavyweight titles in Mexico, Japan and Europe. Hell, the big bastard even had his eyeball knocked out in a match with Stan Hansen. Vader just took off his mask, popped his eyeball back into his socket and continued the match until a no contest ruling was decided. This illustration was created earlier this year when rumors started going around about Leon's state of health. 

RIP big man. 


Here we go..

First inaugural post here. This is my new online home and a new effort made to look as if I am a consumate proffessional in the art world, is it working? Have I fooled you yet? 

More things to come.